The Next Steph Curry

Gladis Martinez

Five seconds left on the timer, junior Gregory Boyle shoots the ball from the three point line and makes it. All you could hear were the people in the bleachers cheering for the win. The team ran up to Boyle for making the winning point.

Boyle has been playing since the age of twelve. He dedicates most of his time practicing to keep improving his skills.

“I practice everyday for three to four hours,” said Boyle.

Although he takes basketball very seriously, at times he plays for fun which helps him get things off of his mind.

“Taking basketball seriously in one thing, but sometimes I just like to get on the court and get things off my mind and have a little fun on my own,” said Boyle.

Boyle’s family has supported him every step of the way. His older cousin is the one who got him into playing basketball to begin with. His cousin will watch him play and they’ll end up playing together.

“I just want to thank my cousin for getting me interested in playing basketball, and also for helping me get better at it,” said Boyle.

He plays as the point guard and shooting guard; the highest points he has scored in a game is fortysix. He hopes to pursue a career out of basketball, if it doesn’t workout. He plans on designing clothes and shoes.

“My backup plan is to design clothes and shoes, although I best believe I will get somewhere with basketball,” said Boyle.

Boyle’s plan is to stay on task for becoming an NBA player by practicing and improving his skills so basketball recruiters can see him in action and get a contract.