Homecoming Court: Who Will Be Crowned?


Samuel Ferguson

At PMA, any student can run for the Royal Court during Homecoming. All can compete, but only a few can be crowned.

Many cadets run for various reasons even though only eight can win the royal positions.

“I ran for homecoming queen because I organized and created the activities for Homecoming week. I even picked the theme for the Homecoming dance. I prepared everything, so why wouldn’t I run?” said Senior Raianna Matchem.

Raianna Matchem is a part of the cadet staff here at Phoenix Military Academy. She is the primary S-5, so she is in charge of school events.

“I feel as if my chances of winning Homecoming Queen are greater since I’m the S-5. Since I am a part of the primary cadet staff, people know of me, or they at least know of the S-5 duties. Cadets at PMA would most likely vote for me rather than a random candidate.” said Senior Raianna Matchem.

The entire Homecoming week is voting week up until the dance. PMA students can vote for candidates as many times as they want through a voting poll called Survey Monkey. Candidates who are running for PMA’s Homecoming Court can even vote for themselves as many times as they choose.

“I’ve only voted for myself once.” said Junior Gregory Boyle “I didn’t know that I could vote numerous times.”

Candidates who do run for Homecoming Court vote for themselves many times because they want to win. Many of the candidates feel as if being crowned is the only thing that will boost their high school popularity. For some, if they don’t win they feel devastated and their egos are shattered.

“To be honest, if I don’t win I wouldn’t care. Winning Homecoming Court isn’t that serious.” said Junior Gregory Boyle