Breast Cancer Awareness Success!


Success is all Phoenix had during Homecoming week.

Phoenix Military Academy decided to hold a “Pink Day” event on October 9, 2015 to increase awareness for breast cancer. Cadet Battalion Commander senior Anthony Labrado took part in organizing and planning this event.

“I was not the one who came up with the idea, but It was a great idea and I really supported it,” said Labrado.

With few doubts that this event would not be a success, the staff proceeded with an open mind. It would either be a success or it would be a huge fail.

“We were shocked when we saw the amount of students who took part in this event. We past our goal limit raising about $700,” said Labrado.

When asking students for their thoughts on this event, the staff was shocked to hear their replies.

“This is a great way to grow awareness and it lets students participate and get involved while we get a chance to get out of uniform,” said senior Andres Palomar.

With the event a huge success, many more are expected to come our way.

“We don’t NEED to do it more, we HAVE to do it more,” said Labrado.

With a huge success, the school is expecting to get involved with many more events throughout the year.