First Day Of Homecoming Week!


Yvonne Flores, Reporter

Once a year in High school there is homecoming week. With one whole week based off a theme that consist of student ideas. This usually occurs during October where the fall sport teams are supported for their homecoming game.
“I was kind of excited because I could come out of uniform,” said freshman Gabriel Velazquez.
To some freshman students it’s their first experience and seniors it’s their last. As for Freshman Gabriel Velazquez, he recently witness his first day of homecoming week. Even if he did completely forgot about it.
Velazquez had his expectations about the first day, he figured everyone would have a twin and look like each other. Having no clue about what to wear on Tuesday, he had to wear his class B. With the homecoming dance on Friday, this would be one of the few dances he’d be attending. Although he seemed to have no interest about the dance.
“No, because I didn’t feel like it,” said Velazquez
Although for senior Brittany Governor, she did participate for twin day on October 12th. She was very excited to participate for homecoming. The past years were different themes and ideas contributed by the homecoming committee.
“My thoughts on the homecoming theme was that it was very cool,” said Governor.
As she transitioned into her senior year, she wanted to make it count. The past three years were different since she rarely participated during homecoming. During this year’s homecoming week she is excited to participate for her final year in high school.
“I participated because it’s my last year and I wanted to do something fun. I did all three years but not everyday,” said Governor.
The first day of homecoming was the start of a fantastic week for PMA. Throughout homecoming week you are able to be out of uniform and both Governor and Velazquez were really excited about that. Hopefully by the end of the week their expectations and excitement is fulfilled.