Turrado’s Upbringing

Jocelyn Cruz

Junior Leonardo Turado has five siblings. Three sisters and two brothers; ages 22, 20, 18, 24 and 14, respectively. His siblings have influenced the way he has grown up, from what music he enjoys to the poetry he enjoys reading and writing.

“I believe that people can always make a difference no matter what they do and that helped me be accepting of other people,” said Turrado.

His siblings influence the way that he sees households, as well. Since he has five siblings, he believes that creating and building bonds is the most important thing in a household. An example of a way that he has built bonds is when one of his siblings does something bad instead of discipling that one child his parents disciplined them all.

Turrado’s household has influenced his activities at school too. Since Turrado is interested in poetry, he is thinking about joining Louder Than A Bomb, a poetry club that competes against other teams from different schools. He likes to read and write poetry, poetry that he believes can incite a revolution;poems that can move our soul.

“I grew up listening to soul music and Kanye West because of my brother buying the “Late Registration” album, which then influenced my liking of rap and rap led to poetry,” said Turado.

Turrado has a specific type of music that he listens to. He prefers artists like Kendrick Lamar or 80’s rock bands, such as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. This music affects the way that he views the world and changes his point of view in everything in a way that only he can understand.

“It helps me keep an open mind because I see the way that they view the world and the aspects within their point of view,” said Turrado.