Running Into Trouble


Octavio Sanchez and Anthony Labrado

Junior Mayra Barrios has been on many sports team throughout her high school career, but this year she is on the Cross Country team. Barrios has been running into certain problems with the whole team and how they run their meets.

“This kind of stuff gets me mad. How can the school support other sports but not us,” said Barrios.

One of the team’s primary problems is commitments to coaching.

“My coaches are Sgt. 1st Class Villarreal and Mr.Surina, but they have not be able to be there because their schedules are not flexible,” said Barrios.

Sgt. 1st Class Villarreal did admit to assisting with coaching the team, however, he is not an official coach for the team.

“I ran cross country when I was in high school,” Sgt. 1st Class Villarreal said “but I just supervise the kids.”

Mr. Surina admitted to having time struggles and also to losing a coach from the previous years.

“Two years ago when Sgt. 1st Class G. was a co-coach we had a solid team that started in the summer and did many races together,” Surina said. “ We will get back to this schedule for next season.”

Surina also said that team member commitment is a factor as well. The team members this year have a lot of priorities and that Cross Country falls as a last priority.

“I think to schedule more races earlier and try to get a larger participation in the freshmen class that don’t have a lot of after school commitments would help,” Surina said.

However, the problems do not stop the Cross Country team. They still have meets however,  they keep bumping into more problems in that area.

“There are times where the team has to either jog or run to the meet because we do not have busses. And to make things worse when the team gets there and it is time to start they don’t run because they are tired,” said Barrios.

This season might have been rough for them, but Barrios has something to say about that.
“I feel like this season will turn out good only if the team gets their things together. And even though some problems do not get fixed that is fine,” said Barrios.