Meet: Ms. Tristano

Jonathan Trujillo

Ms.Tristano, or “Ms.T”, which the Phoenix cadets and staff have come to know her by, has been a part of the Phoenix Military Academy staff for 3 years now.
Ms.Tristano started off at Phoenix as a school counseling intern. She then helped caring and assisting the students with disabilities, until the current school year, where she now works as the official school disciplinarian.
Being the disciplinarian of Phoenix gives Ms.Tristano the responsibility of enforcing the rules that the school has established, along with the standards already in place for a military school. Her duty is to assign demerits and decide the appropriate discipline as needed, to students who violate any of these rules.
Ms.Tristano earned her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Communications from Marquette University and her Master’s degree in Education, with a focus on School Counseling, from Loyola University. Based on Ms.Tristano’s major, it’s apparent that becoming a school disciplinarian was not her primary goal, however, working at Phoenix has become a great fit for her.

“I like how dedicated the teachers, staff, and administration are to the students. They care so much and put so much time and energy into the students. It is awesome to work at a school where people get along and care so much,” said Ms. Tristano.

Ms.Tristano’s previous roles at Phoenix has her given the opportunity to interact with most of the students at Phoenix, which has allowed her to create unique bonds with the cadets, and become affiliated with the lifestyles of most of the students. Though there are about 500 students in the entire school, Ms.Tristano makes an effort to come in contact with nearly all of the students.

“[The students] are amazing, talented, sometimes challenging, but overall wonderful people and they make my job worth it,” said Ms.Tristano.

Though she does not get the chance to interact with the students as much as she used to, Ms.Tristano is committed to Phoenix, and is enjoying her new role as the disciplinarian so far.