Prohibitions within an Annual Event

Jaylin Lara

Homecoming occurs annually in hopes of attendees to enjoy. It had restrictions placed as any other event. Being held at our school, students and outsiders must follow the rules, although they may disagree with them.

Sophomore Jason Lua and Freshman Marisol Hernandez have opposing arguments for how the attendees should be allowed to dance. Lua believes that if he is paying the fee that he should be allowed to dance however he pleases, but Hernandez thinks otherwise in that provocative dancing will make others feel awkward.

“I shouldn’t be prohibited from dancing the way I want to, you paid to have a good time,” said Lua.

Our current generation has shown that they have come up with provocative ways of dancing, but is this appropriate for a school event?

“I don’t want to see inappropriate dancing while I’m trying to have a good time,” said Hernandez.

Lua thinks that because he’s paying his ticket he should be allowed to dress how he’d like. He doesn’t think one should have to purchase another outfit to meet the requirements.

“I paid for something I want to enjoy, not be told to wear a specific outfit. I would ask for a refund if they allowed so,” said Lua.

Hernandez believes that the age requirements are incorrect because as long as they pay their ticket they should be allowed to attend.

“I don’t understand why they don’t allow younger people in. If they pay for their ticket and are supposedly safe, there shouldn’t be a problem,” said Hernandez.

Both Lua and Hernandez agree towards late attendees being allowed to enter if they had already paid their tickets. They see it unfair to not be allowed because their money would go down the drain.

“I should be allowed in if I’m late because I may have had difficulties with transportation or had other responsibilities,” said Lua.

It is possible for one to have responsibilities that they have to attend to before they’re able to go out and have fun.

“For them to not let me in would tick me off,” said Hernandez.

Though many students attend homecoming this gives us a glimpse of their opinions concerning the restrictions.