Touch Down!!!!!! We Got The Big Win!

Joshlynn Murphy

Every other Saturday senior Giovanni Logan plays football with the Phoenix Military Academy football team.

“I like the aggressiveness, scoring and the planning of our work,” Logan said.

Logan likes being aggressive and loves winning for his team.

Football is Logan’s favorite sport because football is all he knows. Football was mainly the only sport he liked.

Logan dislikes the fact that he is small and can get pancaked by other players. “Pancaked” in football terms is getting slammed by the other players. However, Logan isn’t the only small player on the team. There are some good players that are smaller than him.

“My father inspired me to play football because he told me not to give up, when I wanted to quit,” said Logan.

Logan just started playing football this year. Compared to the other players Logan was not too familiar with what goes on with football, like the requirements, the toughness and the emotions.

Logan encourage others to play football because the more players, the more competitive and fun for everyone else.

“Logan is an average player. He made his first touchdown Saturday,” said junior Jamell Gooden. “What makes Logan a good player, is his speed.