Sisterhood’s Makeover

Juan Romo

As Sisterhood approaches, a new presence arrives along with a leadership team to back her up. The Sisterhood will now have Ms. Perez and a leadership team, while Mrs. Matz takes some time out this year due to her pregnancy.

“She was a member of Sisterhood herself and she knows what it’s like to be in it,” said senior Ashley Ochoa.

The idea of a leadership team is similar to the Brotherhood’s, but Sisterhood has leaders from every grade except freshmen. The leadership team plans what the meetings are about, sets a schedule, and monitors the members’ behavior and grades.

“At first I thought it would be all seniors, but I realised the roles had to be spread amongst the rest of the underclassmen to prepare them for the future years,” said Ochoa.

Some of the leaders have two roles in the leadership team. These roles will be essential to keeping the program successful and allowing the first year leadership team to learn what roles to keep or get rid of.

“I am the secretary of the team and I am in charge of attendance as well. I have two jobs,” said Ochoa.

With this change in the Sisterhood, it’s questionable on how smooth the first meeting will run. Many of the leaders are confident and ready to get this year started.

“I plan on creating a stronger bond with the girls and team while creating a change in their life and how they view society,” said Ochoa.

No setback is going to big enough for the Sisterhood to deal with this year as the team and Ms. Perez plan on an amazing year.

“I am excited for all of the new workshops and being a senior leader in general! It’s a nice feeling knowing younger girls depend on us for advice and any issues in general,” said Ochoa.