Out of the country


Brittany Governor

On June 28th, 2015, senior Jennifer Baeza was on her way out of the country traveling to Punta Gorda, Belize. She stayed for one month to learn how to scuba dive, zipline, snorkel and live the life as a Belizean.

“I was nervous because this was my first time traveling out of the country alone. I am the first one in my family to travel out of the country,” said Baeza.

Baeza and other students, including international ones, had to live with a host family. They had to learn how to live like a Belizean by washing dishes and cooking a different types of food.

“Washing dishes was very interesting because it was not how I’m used to washing them, here they have three different buckets: one with soap and water, one with bleach, and one with clean water. Over there they are really resource full with water and food,” said Baeza.

On this journey, Baeza learned how to scuba dive. As a senior, not many people can say that they have traveled out of the country and have earned a license to scuba dive. It takes time to get a license by studying and actually learning how to scuba dive. Before diving the students had to take a marine biology class and learn about the different fishes in the water and how to put on their equipment.

“It wasn’t so hard but it did take a while to earn our license because we had to go to class and watch long videos on how to put on the equipment. We had to take tests to make sure we all knew how to put on the equipment correctly. I always double checked with my instructor about my equipment. The best part was after all of the studying, we all passed our exam and jumped straight into the water,” said Baeza.

Along with scuba diving, Baeza also learned how to zip line and play Mayan drums. She also had the chance to farm on a chocolate farm.

“I have a fear of heights and going ziplining was not part of my plan. My friends and instructors encouraged me to try it out, I did and I loved it. When I made chocolate it was something new because it is a long process and when it actually starts to smell like chocolate, it does not taste like it at all. The people who owned the farm do not add sugar to it but add different ingredients to it like mint and vanilla,” said Baeza.

At the end of the trip Baeza was excited that she had had her first experience of  traveling by herself and learning things  she never thought of doing. By having good grades and doing good in school, anyone is eligible to participate in activities like these.