Just A Sister in the Hood

Raianna Matchem

Senior Jazel Pena, is a part of a sorority at Phoenix. Sisterhood is not a bond that forms overnight, but takes time in order to develop a trusting and lasting friendship.

Ms.Keyser, Ms. Comeford, and Ms. Perez – who are all apart of the PMA faculty – are in charge of the Sisterhood. Their mission is to develop leadership, service and academic excellence, followed by support of other members Sisterhood was established to promote empowerment of womanhood all around the world, but specifically in communities that needed it.

This program was first established in 2006. It started off as a small organization, but has grown into a second family for many students and alumni.

“I heard many wonderful things about the PMA sisterhood, but I was too shy to join my freshman year. Sophomore year I finally decided to take a risk and learn more about it to see if the things I was hearing were true,” said Pena.

Sisterhood has shaped her life significantly. At first, Pena was very shy, but by the end of her junior year, she started to interact with more of the students throughout the school which helped her out of her comfort zone.

“I would recommend this to any girl who goes or who has went through major downfalls in their life and it’s eating them alive to keep this information to themselves. I would also recommend this to those who would like to learn the values it teaches you, such as leadership and empowerment of the women overall,” said Pena.

Being a part of a sisterhood doesn’t always mean fun and games, Pena also has responsibilities as a leader. She has to make sure every Sisterhood members’ grades are up to date, as well as their overall academic performance. It is everyone’s job to back one another up and make sure they are on track.

“To me, Sisterhood means family. It means friendship and laughter and a way to release your stress and build strong bonds,” said Pena.

Being that it is her senior year, she is viewed as a leader and must set a good example for the underclassmen by making sure she does not get in any conflicts. She signed a senior contract that assures one incident will result in not participating in the graduation ceremony that will be held June 17th. This encourages Pena to remain on her best behavior not only as a cadet, but as a member of the Sisterhood to set a good example to underclassmen