A New Journey

Jennifer Baeza

On Sunday June 21, 2015, five students from Phoenix Military Academy’s Debate Team arrived at the University of Samford in Birmingham, Alabama to stay for two weeks for debate camp. They all received a full scholarship for debate camp from  the Chicago Debate League and the school.

“We arrived there and it was insanely hot. It was amazing how the school and dorms were all right next to a forest because everywhere you look, you can see wild life,” said senior Alexis Garcia.

For some students it was their first time going out of state and/or on an airplane. For other students it was there first time visiting a college.

“At first it was scary because it was a lot of the team’s first time traveling alone but I am thankful for going because I got to learn new strategies and plans for debate. If I had the chance to go again I would,” said Garcia.

By attending the University of Samford the Debate Team learned new plans, files and attacks to use against other teams. Since they were participating in a program for highly motivated students, they were on a strict schedule.

“We had three classes a day plus meals and barely had free time. We were expected to be there in class on time and be in our dorms at 9 p.m.,” said Garcia.

At the end of debate camp, the majority of PMA’s debate team brought home individual awards and a highly motivated attitude to start the new season.