Why To Consider Chicago a City To Live In


Eduardo Brito

Chicago is the City that grants amazing adventures and the most unforgettable memories. Senior Davlin Smiley has spent his entire life in Chicago and loves living here because of the many places to explore.

Having perfect views from tall buildings to enjoying the sunset are both very possible in Chicago. Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S, which makes it a perfect size to consider if looking for a place to live according to senior Davlin Smiley.

Chicago is a city that is not only filled with great opportunities, but also includes locations that are a must see. From the skyline to the sunset, there are various places to enjoy a beautiful view or create the most amazing memories.

“My favorite location in Chicago would be Navy Pier. It’s a place full of memories, various events, and exciting experiences,” said Smiley.

Living in the city is not only a different experience, but it also grants access to many new things. Chicago is known for its amazing public transportation and the Loop. There are no limits on where to go in the City of Chicago; every place has a way to get there.

“I’ve lived in Chicago all my life, now for a total of 17 years,” said Smiley.

For sports fans, Chicago is their city. Having multiple teams from every sport such as the Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, Fire, Cubs, and White Sox.

“The best part is the rivalry between the Soxs and the Cubs. These two teams are one of the main things that drive Chicago,” said Smiley.

The rivalry continues between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. One of the largest cities that argues over which team is the best. With this season heading to a great finish for the Cubs, the city is already celebrating the Cubs success and progress.