The Extent of Determination

Jaylin Lara

Junior Alejandra Olaguez has always been a determined student throughout her education. She has encountered certain complications, making it challenging for her in school. On the other hand, she’s still able to pass these obstacles.

Olaguez’s routine commences by waking up at 4:30 in the morning and leaving her house by by 5:00 am. Her dad drives her siblings to the babysitter then drops her off at school at 6:00 am.

Olaguez is taking three three Advanced Placement classes, which are AP Spanish Language, AP Statistics, and AP Language & Composition. Following this, she is taking twotwo honor classes, which are Honors Journalism and Honors Physics.

Following school, Olaguez has to take three three buses equivalent to a a two two hour triptrip, in order to get home. Once she arrives, she has to complete at least five five hours of AP homework.

“If I start my AP homework approximately at 6:00 pm, I will finish around 1:00 am,” said Olaguez.

Considering that that this does not include the honor classes, nor the studying that Olaguez has to accomplish. It is clear that she has a very insufficient amount of sleep. Although Olaguez’s routine, she’s more than capable of accomplishing all her tasks.

“I am between stressed and very stressed,” said Olaguez.

Even though this may be very difficult, Olaguez’s will to succeed is unstoppable. As a result of this, her current GPA is a 4.14.

“I strive to at least maintain a B average in every class,” said Olaguez.

This show hers her true determination concerning her academic status.