A True Volleyball Lover

Gregory Boyle

Senior Gladis Martinez loves the sport of volleyball and believes it is fun and helps her release anger and stress. She never tried out for the high school volleyball team and she regrets it because she wanted to play, but was afraid that she would not make it.

“Hitting the ball and thinking it’s someone face when I get mad is the fun part about it,” said Martinez.

Volleyball is another ordinary sport to another human being,but to her it’s like medicine and she loves the feeling it gives her.

“It gives me a joyful feeling because it’s something that I love to do,” said Martinez.

In volleyball she plays the setter because she hits the ball well and she believes, she is the best at that position.

“I didn’t play for the high school team because I didn’t have enough confidence in myself and thought I wasn’t going to make the team,” said Martinez.

Everyone has felt that way before because it is a natural human emotion. All Martinez needed was someone to encourage her to try out and show the coach that she enjoys playing volleyball and that she is capable enough to play with her skills.