‘A Second League Towards Success’


Diana Aguilar

Junior Samuel Ferguson is one of the top students at Phoenix Military Academy academic wise, however he’s had a lot of help since the beginning of his high school career. He joined a college readiness program called Kappa League his freshman year that teaches young minority males skills that they can incorporate inside and outside of school.

“Sgt. Gillam and Mr. Stange recommended the program to me because they saw my potential. It was also recommended to me by former student Hakeem Campbell,” said Ferguson.

His interest in Kappa sparked when he heard that they have ACT prep, study abroad opportunities, and opportunities to go on college tours during spring break. Ferguson knew if he joined this program it would put him on a path for success in and after high school.

He has learned many skills while being in Kappa League such as being time-oriented, multitasking and pushing through when times get rough. While learning these skills, he’s also met some very important and inspirational people along the way.

“I look up to a young man named Keith Ferguson because he carries himself in a very sophisticated manner and represents African American males very well,” said Ferguson.

He said that the executive director, Mr. Gore, is also an influence and mentor because he came from the bottom like a lot of young black men and he worked his way up to become successful. Ferguson explains how he is the perfect example of portraying the “beauty in the struggle.”

One of the many skills Ferguson was taught in Kappa League was communication skills. He was able to use many of those skills at school and in other activities he is apart of .

“Now, I’m able to articulate my thoughts and ideas effectively without hurting anyone’s feelings,” said Ferguson.“I’m able get my point across clearly to whoever I’m talking to.”

He said he learned to network with others and interact with people, such as his peers in group projects.

Ferguson knows that by joining this organization it has helped him greatly and will continue to teach him new skills that will prepare him for the real world after he graduates.