Catch up with Alessia Cara

Taylar Tramil

Eighteen year old, Alessia Cara knows how it feels to be a wallflower, as described in her song “Here”, which gained over 500,000 total streams in the first week it was released.

Cara’s song “Here” is set in a house party which her song narrates about the uncomfortable feeling of a wallflower, connecting to the hidden introverts.

So far she has written a couple of songs including “Seventeen”, “Four Pink Walls”, I’m Yours”, “Outlaws”, and “Here”.

As a young adult from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Cara is influenced by Def Jam and by singers, Drake, Ed Sheeran, and Amy Winehouse, approaching her audience with meaningful messages by being moralistic.

According to the Daily Californian, “Cara has a vocal prowess that is reminiscent of a softer, younger Rihanna and the storytelling talent of Taylor Swift. She is bound for greatness.”

Her mature persona as a teenager transfers into her songwriting, sharing similar challenges and self-esteems of young adults today. Sending powerful messages through the production of music.

Learn more about her and listen to her songs on YouTube by clicking on the link: