Top 10 Seniors Will Continue To Achieve Success!


Class of 2015 top ten.

Cristian Martinez

It is with excitement and great anticipation that the top 10 seniors await to graduate and finally go to college. Their time in high school is about to end and they will soon have to face the challenges that come from a college education. Most of them feel confident in their abilities.
These students have been accepted to very good colleges and universities, and they know that they will have to work harder to ensure they don’t fail in their pursuit of academic success.

“I never expected to be accepted to such good schools. Obviously what my teachers have told me for the past three years is true: hard work pays off. I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far if I didn’t have the support of my family and friends. It takes the support of close friends and family to achieve anything in life,” said senior Andy Cruz.

Most of the students expect to go to their chosen colleges in the fall. The list goes as follows:
Mayra Diaz – Carthage College
Alejandra Nieto – Suffolk University
Christian Avalos – St. Olaf College
Orlando Ogaza – Illinois Institute of Technology
Jessica Calderon – Carleton College
Cristian Martinez – University of Illinois at Chicago
Melissa Palencia – Saint Mary’s College
Andy Cruz – Monmouth College
David Fajardo – Purdue University
Jasmin Saucedo – University of Illinois at Chicago

Many of these cadets will experience a whole new environment, one they might find challenging. This is where their determination will surely come into play, since they will need determination and perseverance to make it in college.

“Hopefully, I will attend UIC and be able to stay in the city. I love Chicago, and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I really think that my hard work these past few years has been worth it. I am excited to make the transition from high school to college because I know I can do it,” said senior Jasmin Saucedo.

It is a challenge, and they advise the younger students to take advantage of the opportunities that the school gives them in regards to traveling and doing summer college programs. A few of them have actually taken college classes at different schools and affirm that they now have a sense of what to expect this fall.

“Sophomore year I went to Berkeley in California and took a criminal justice class and a math class with college professors. I was nervous, but I managed to keep my cool and work with my professor to achieve success,” said senior David Fajardo.

These seniors have grown so much since their freshmen year, and because they took advantage of the various opportunities the school gave them, as well as kept up their grades, they were able to apply and get accepted to these colleges and universities.

They all hope that the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors recognize what they have done to be able to accomplish this in order for them to follow in their footsteps and be able to go to their dream colleges.