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Fresh Farmacy

Lesley Delgado

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The cleanser is described as a facial soap. The Fresh FArmacy leaves the skin fresh and firm without any tightness that many soaps normally do. Fresh Farmacy has a soft fragrance rose, a fresh and floral scent and will suited perfectly for those who is looking for a cleanser with minimal smell. It contains calamine powder, which helps calm red spots, it has chamomile, which helps calm the skin, and tea tree, which is antibacterial and antiseptic and is meant to help with spot and scars. The Fresh Farmacy is apply on a wet face, and rub all over the face to create a creamy texture, and then rinse it off.  The Fresh Farmacy can be found in Lush store and it run from 10 dollars to 15 dollars based on much it weights.

I been using it for about a month and I have noticed that its been helping me with my acne scars. I broke out a lot and I try many cleanser but none have  really help me, so I decided to try the Fresh Farmacy because I heard good reviews. After trying it out I have really been seeing changes on my face. It does not only helps me with my acne but also keeps it soft and hydrated. I would really recommend the cleanser if to someone that is suffering from acne. It will really improve the skin.

I give a 5/5  

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Fresh Farmacy