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Police Coming to PMA

Anthony Dawson

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Major Stampley stated that police will be here to make sure all students that she kicked out are not here. Major Stampley wants only students that attend this school here.  Students who recently transferred are to be escorted out of the school and out of school premises. In my opinion, bringing the police here would not be such a great idea.

On the other hand bringing in police could lead to parents thinking the school is very safe because they actually care about our safety and what’s going on in their school.

Major Stampley has laid down very strict rules in order to convey to all students that this will not be a school where you can do anything you want. She is sending out a message to not only the students who were transferred out but to all students attending PMA, freshmen all the way up to seniors. Major Stampley kicked out these students to make the school a place for new students that are looking to apply to this school and become a cadet.

Bringing in police will have parents questioning if this is a safe environment for their children. With that in mind, it might prevent students from applying, even if they want to go in the service later on in life. Students will find other schools that have JROTC and attend that school instead of PMA.

This school year there were numerous transfers and people kicked out because of social media or grades. Former senior Edna has transferred because of her failure to keep a passing grade in her Advanced Placement Chemistry class.  Bringing police to the school will not only bring commotion but will lead to people wanting to do research and understand why they were brought here.

Overall, I believe if you bring the police here it will be a bad idea because it will grab the attention of others. Parents and students might find out about the recent transfers, the sexual assault incidents, and students being kicked out.



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Student news site of Phoenix Military Academy in Chicago, IL
Police Coming to PMA