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Meeting Arieonna

Kayla Webster

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Arieonna Smith is a 16 year old junior at Phoenix Military Academy and is a Second Lieutenant in Eco Company. She participates in the Kelly Poetry Club and attends the School of Art Institute of Chicago college art classes on Saturdays.

Smith has been attending Phoenix since her freshman year and is very impressed with the teachers.

“The teachers seem to really care about their students future instead of just passing them even if they are not ready to move on,” said Smith.

Smith, on the other hand, is not too fond of the art programs offered at Phoenix.

“I’m not to fond of the artistic programs. I understand that PMA is a military school but it’s still a high school and students should have access to music, printing, drawing, other outlets of art,” said Smith.

Smith is a really sociable person. She is able to hang out with anybody regardless of their interests.

“I think it’s a pretty good thing that I can blend well into different group of people no matter what they are interested in”, said Smith.

 Smith is a caring person with the dream of helping others and making an impact in someone else’s life.

“I don’t need to change the world in a huge way, but at least affecting one person’s life in a good way would be nice,” said Smith.



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Student news site of Phoenix Military Academy in Chicago, IL
Meeting Arieonna